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About Us

Sisters Sherine Mansour and Sandra Boyle founded the Jupe store concept together, finally realizing their goal to collaborate on something they were passionate about.  Growing up in a family where mom would sew their clothes and dance costumes,  the two sisters have always had an appreciation for the artistry of clothing.

Mom would soon move to bigger sewing projects - becoming a seamstress for the Canadian military.  The Mansour living room would be filled with soldiers uniforms and the whirring of the sewing machines in the basement could be heard throughout the house on a regular basis. It's unquestionable that this is when the sisters' love of clothing first began.  Jupe is the first step of Sherine and Sandra's new adventure together. 

The halfway meeting point from where both sisters live is exactly in the centre of Waterdown, Ontario.  And that's where you'll find Jupe.  



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